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Social Media Marketing

We engineer social media strategies to sharpen your image and send sales soaring.

If a tree falls in the forest, but there’s no one around to hear it, does it really make a sound?
In other words, what’s a brand without exposure?


Our social media marketing strategies make your voice heard – loud and clear – maximising your ad spend by targeting the right people.

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Altus is here to help you laser-target your audience, with content that’s relevant to your market and true to your brand. Every great social campaign is rooted in a crystal-clear strategy that outlines your objectives and success tactics. Failure to plan means planning to fail. That’s why we develop targeted strategies that make plenty of room for creative daily content that showcases your humanity and fosters real engagement.

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Our Process

social media strategy

The Strategy

Whether you want to grow your audience or maximise your revenue, or both, we’ll work with you to create a golden strategy that’s goal-oriented, measurable, and budget-friendly.

The Message

We’ll ensure your message is received by the right people, making a lasting impact to encourage more website traffic and sales.

The Aesthetics

You need to stay consistent 24/7 across all channels, just like a real person. That’s why we’ll create and design coherent content on your behalf.

The Execution

We’ll set up ad campaigns that target your audience, keeping things fresh with each campaign.


As lifelong learners, we regularly analyse the campaigns we work on to find room for improvement. All content we produce is a lesson on how we can make your ad spend go further. We’ll also send you monthly reports so you’re always in-the-loop.

Our Subscriptions

*Custom designed posts per week: A combination of static branded images or animated branded images.

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