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Human Capital

Human Capital


Human Capital, a wealth management & consultancy firm based in Indiana (USA), dedicated to both individuals & corporations alike. Think financial planning, Life/Income Insurance, Mutual/Index Funds, and Advisory Investment Management. All this is made possible by deep, meaningful conversations that get to the root of behavior-driven performance. Wanting to bring their people-oriented values to the forefront, they knew that this representation was essential to their branding. Making it high time for a rebrand.

The Problem


Their goal for businesses is to optimize the relationship between executives and employees through automation, efficiencies, encouragement, and empowerment in place of micromanagement.For the individual/households, it is to simplify complex financial scenarios through automated and streamlined systems. Creating new financial habits/disciplines leaves more time to enjoy the finer things of life. It made sense that the consumer should feel some connection and be would able to see themselves in the brand. But how does one do that without it becoming too literal and on the nose? We love a challenge & this project fulfilled our need to take the road less traveled.


The Solution


The Altus Team set out to develop an elegant and sophisticated brand identity that would set their law firm apart from competitors.
The color scheme is what really set the tone for this identity. The earth tone neutrals are timeless, would’t you agree?


Visual Style

human capital brand identity human capital brand identity human capital brand identity human capital brand identity human capital brand identity human capital brand identity human capital brand identity

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