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Strength of Seduction

Case Study
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Strength of Seduction – Case Study


How Strategic Rebranding Helped This Ecommerce Brand 14X Their Conversions





Strength of Seduction is a home workout provider, specializing in passionate exercises for couples, designed to increase intimacy and overall fitness levels.

The company was born out of a desire by the owners to better promote the Black community in the fitness industry, which is severally underrepresented in traditional media.


Although Strength of Seduction was achieving moderate success, the owners, Daniel DiPiazza and Micah Morgan, knew that the business had a lot of untapped potential.

Altus was brought in to help overhaul the company’s mismatched branding and create a new, sleek, and consistent brand identity.

After a total revamp of Strength of Seduction’s visuals, such as the DVD covers, logo and brand colors, sales doubled in just a few months. The owners also love the new and improved company image and the sense of community that the brand has built within its customer base.


strength of seduction dvd


The Challenge


Daniel and Micah are both experts in their fields and knew they had a great product that delivered results and had received glowing reviews from customers. However, this wasn’t converting into major sales the way they had hoped.


They knew that Strength of Seduction was lacking a clear brand identity and were sure that this was the reason for the company’s lackluster sales. However, they didn’t have the skills, or the industry knowledge, to solve this issue and needed some urgent help to turn the struggling brand around.


That’s where Altus came in…



Our Process


At Altus, the first thing we always do is conduct a ‘deep dive’ of the brand to really examine the product offering and the target audience.

After in-depth analysis and research, we identified several issues with Strength of Seduction’s brand identity.


The company’s branding was totally misaligned and unrelatable to its target audience. The brand is aimed primarily at Black women, 35 and over, who have children. However, the previous brand imagery depicted super fit, attractive couples with insane sex appeal.


This meant that the packaging looked intimidating to the indented customer and put them off purchasing the product. The visuals were also not consistent with the brand’s desire to champion the Black community.


Additionally, the overall design of the products was not representing the company to its full potential. The designs lacked professionalism, which did not give the potential audience the impression that the brand was a leader of the fitness industry. The previous dark color palette didn’t scream “passion” and also didn’t convey the premium-quality content that the products contain.

We understood that we needed to position Strength of Seduction as a leader in the industry, but the company’s branding was holding it back.

Previous branding (before altus rebrand)


How Altus Responded – Brand Direction


Our expert team of in-house designers looked at the company’s core identity and created two “mood boards” that would better communicate Strength of Seduction’s values of passion and fitness. Once the client selected the mood board of choice, we got started on logo development.

Everyone knows that a logo is possibly the most important part of a company’s brand identity. Strength of Seduction’s previous logo did not have a premium vibe to it and looked slightly outdated.

So, we explored several different options, including icons and symbols depicting two people, hearts and a couple working out.

It was also important to find a symbol that would work in a variety of applications, such as apps icons, on the website, merchandise, clothing, and everything in between.


Chosen Redefined Logo & Branding


The client chose the “S” logo (shown below) for two reasons:


  1. The twin flames on either end of the “S” represent the idea of being a couple.
  2. The flames themselves perfectly characterize the values of passion and intensity.


Once the logo had been decided on, our Director of Design paired it with new fonts to show the sensuality and love that the brand exudes. There is a digital format of the new logo, which includes a gradient and a solid-color format for print, and different color combinations.

strength of seduction logo

sos dvd

strength of seduction merchandise
strength of seduction book

Brand Guide


Once the final logo was complete, we hand-selected the exact colors in PMS, CMYK, RGB, and hex codes. Then, logo files were created in PDF, EPS, JPEG, and PNG formats, to give the client ultimate flexibility and useability.


We also provided brand guidelines for the client, including fonts and color codes, as well as logo usage rules. This is essential to ensure that the branding remains consistent, and it gives the client a working document that embodies the brand, which they can always refer back to.


strength of seduction branding

The Results


We were thrilled to hear from Daniel that shortly after implementing the new branding, and after a push in marketing efforts, Strength of Seduction’s sales doubled in just a few short months. 


Daniel has said that the new brand identity has been a big, if not the biggest, factor in the company’s success. He also added that, “Without Altus’ expertise, our products wouldn’t be as appealing, marketable and fun for people to try and buy.”


The company saw a tremendous sales increase of 1,400% in just 5 months! Imagine 14x-ing the amount of money you’re making on existing traffic in just 5 months without changing a single thing about your product.


That’s the power of brand design…




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